Beco duo dodge Britain’s most famous finger

Beco Pets has featured in the hit TV series ‘The Apprentice’, treating 7.4 million BBC Television viewers to a glimpse of its internationally-best-selling poop bags!

Last month’s episode of the entertainment series fronted by Lord Alan Sugar (who fires contestants using his index finger) focused on the British pet industry and Beco, as one of the leading players in the sector, were invited along to take part in filming.

Co-Founders George Bramble and Toby Massey (and also his pet terrier Rupert) all got to meet Lord Sugar’s two sharp-eyed aides, Karren Brady and Claude Littner. Luckily, George and Toby escaped unscathed – they were neither fired nor hired!

Toby said: “Everyone on the team at Beco Pets are massive fans of ‘The Apprentice’. We even have an Apprentice sweepstake running in the office to see who gets hired at the end.

“There is a lot of secrecy surrounding filming of the programme, so we are not going to say anything to give away or spoil any secrets. Let’s just say that we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. And, well, it’s not that often that Beco poop bags get an airing on BBC1, is it?”

Co-Founder George Bramble (pictured below, left) added: “As an entrepreneur, I was intrigued to meet other budding entrepreneurs on the show. I wasn’t entirely convinced that all of them fully understood how the UK pet trade works, but it was fun.

“A lot of hard work and preparation goes into making a television show like ‘The Apprentice’ and I’d also like to thank the producers for looking after us so well.”