What are the Beco rubber toys made of?

Our range of rubber toys are all made from our environmentally friendly rubber, which contains ethically sourced rice husk which is a bi-product from rice farming. This means as well as being biodegradable, our rubber is BPA and phthalate free.

What are the Beco rope toys made of?

All the Beco rope toys are made from natural hemp and cotton meaning they contain no synthetic material. As well as being great for the environment, hemp is also antibacterial and will help to clean your dog’s teeth.

What are the Beco plush toys made of?

The Beco plush toys are made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, making their stuffing extra soft! To give all our characters their vibrant colours, we only use natural dyes and the cat nip in our cat toys is all natural too!

How Durable are the Beco rubber toys?

The rubber products have been tried and tested and have received brilliant feedback on their strength and longevity. Have a look at our video page to see the toys in action!

My dog has chewed and swallowed a piece of a Beco Pets toy. Is this dangerous? What shall I do?

Even though we we use natural materials wherever possible, if your pet consumes any part of a Beco toy we recommend contacting your vet immediatley. Beco Pets toys are tough and hard wearing but no toy is indestructable. Always supervise your pet during play.


What are the Beco Bowls made of?

The Beco Bowls are made from our plant fibre plastic, mainly made of bamboo, one of the worlds most renewable sources. This makes the bowls 100% biodegradable, meaning when you’re finished with your bowl you can simply bury it in the garden!

Is the Beco Bowl dishwasher friendly?

Like most plastic items, the Beco Bowl is indeed dishwasher safe, but we recommend you put it on the top shelf to make sure it doesn’t get knocked about. We also advise that in order to keep your Beco Bowl in prime condition that you only wash it on a low temperature cycle.

Can I put my Beco Bowl in the microwave?

As our plant fibre plastic is water based we don’t usually recommend that you use your Beco Bowl in a microwave as the water in the material will react and could damage your bowl.

How large are the Beco bowls?

Our bowls come in a variety of sizes to suit any size pet! The outer diameters of our bowls are:

  • slow feed – 28.5 cm
  • large – 26 cm
  • medium -21 cm
  • small – 17 cm
  • cat – 17 cm (half the depth of a small bowl)
  • x-small – 12 cm
  • xx-small – 8.5cm

What are the Beco Travel Bowls made of?

Our travel bowl is made from silicone, which makes it non-toxic and  durable enough to hold its shape yet flexible enough to collapse. The silicone also makes the bowl weather resistant, perfect for on the go! The travel bowls are also dishwasher, oven , and microwave friendly. They are also BPA free and food grade!


What are the Beco Bags made of?

Our Beco Bags are made from a degradable plastic, making them 100% degradable, even in landfill. This plastic is also super strong as well as being environmentally friendly, meaning you can avoid any nasty accidents!

How long do the Beco Bags take to decompose?

The time it takes for our degradable bags to decompose can vary depending on where there are disposed of. With standard bags taking up to 1,000s of years to degrade you can guarantee that our bags will be long gone by then!

Are the inner tubes on the Beco Bags recyclable?

Yes! Even the cardboard rolls we wrap our bags around are recyclable, as well as our packaging, meaning that nothing has to go to refill!

How big are the Beco Bags?

Our bags are extra large, catering for all sizes of poop! The dimensions of our standard bags are 22.5cm x 33cm and our handle bags are 18cm x 33cm. Please note that due to manufacturing the sizes stated are an average and may vary.

How many microns are the Beco Bags?

Our Beco Bags are 15 micron thick which is definitely thick enough to keep poop in and hands out!


What are the Beco Bed covers made of?

The covers on both the Beco Donut and Mattress beds are made from a cotton and hemp fabric. This makes the beds hypoallergenic, antibacterial and odour resistant, meaning they’re extremely durable and hard wearing.

What are the Beco Beds stuffed with?

The stuffing in all of our beds is made from recycled plastic bottles which wicks moisture and insulates, therefore keeping your pet extra toasty!

Are the Beco Beds machine washable?

Yes! The cover on the Mattress bed can be taken off completely and cleaned in a washing machine and with a Donut bed you can remove the cover from the centre to wash as well as washing the outer cushions of the bed as they are.

Is the Beco Bed cover removable?

Yes! The cover in the centre of the Donut bed can be removed via the zip and similarly the entire cover of the Mattress bed can be taken on and off via the zip.

How thick is the inner cushion?

On our Donut beds, the inner cushion of the bed is 5cm thick and made from foam. Our Mattress beds are 15cm thick and stuffed with our recycled plastic bottles stuffing.


What are the parameters of my 4% marketing spend?

The 4% marketing spend is calculated every quarter and reflects your expenditure during this period. The percentage can be used on all of the marketing material that we provide such as catalogues, counter stop stands and POS stands.

How long do I have to wait for delivery once I have paid?

Delivery officially takes 8-12 weeks from the initial order is placed and we receive either full or deposit payment. However, if we can get your order to leave any sooner, we will make every effort to.

If a product is out of stock, how long will I have to wait for it to be available? (Independent and ex works custs)

As a distributor ordering containers, all items will be available for you to order. If you are an Ex Works customer, we will ask that you wait 4-8 weeks for your item to be relisted as available or reorder this product in your next order.

Are there times of the year when I should order earlier to avoid delays?

A very busy time of year is the build up to Chinese New Year. Our factories close for a few weeks which can cause delays if you do not order early enough. We ask that you place orders in Oct/ Nov at the latest for order to leave before this period.

Where are your products manufactured?

At this point in time all of our products are manufactured in China. This is where we source our rice husks and bamboo off cuts and store our products in our central international warehouse.


What is the Minimum order Quantity for free shipping?

For free shipping, the order quantity should amount to £99 ex vat, otherwise we charge £6 for shipping.

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